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<p>Film poetry in sign language</p>

Leendert Pot and Anja Hiddinga, together with poets Wim Emmerik and Giselle Meyer, have made five innovative shorts, presenting the visual power of poetry in sign language. In all film poems visual rhythm, repetition, wide-angle and close-ups shape the dynamics of the composition.

  1. The love poem Reflection gives an imaginary introspection of the poet in a mise en scéne with mirrors. Poem by W. Emmerik
  2. Fire, a poem about mortality, was shot from behind a matte glass sheet and provides a fairy-tale spectacle. Poem by G. Meyer.
  3. Camera and editing techniques emphasise the love for the expanse and lines of the polder landscape - in Flevoland - the poet celebrates inPolder. Poem by W. Emmerik
  4. Strand, a poem about 'identity', is like a dance between the poet and the camera. The whole film entails one single shot. Poem by G. Meyer.
  5. Growth evokes the similarities between the development of a human being and the seasons. Poem by W. Emmerik


The first four films were finished in 2005 had had their premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2005, Growth was in 2003.
The DVD contains also an explanation about poetry in Sign Language (15 min) and is in three languages Dutch Sign Language, Dutch and English

If you need photographs for publicity purposes, contact Geelprodukt. Click on photographs to enlarge.

polderPolder 2Reflectie 1Reflectie 2Strand 1Strand 2Vuur