The saudade feeling
Saudade is a Portuguese/Brazilian word for which there is no exact translation. It expresses a mixture of feelings, longing and nostalgia amongst them. As one of the main characters in the film says: 'Anyone who is involved with music understands it, but no one can explain it.' Saudade is something you must feel. Music is the essence of the film, which almost literally takes us under the skin of the subject. Intriguing close-ups lake the viewer into the worlds of Flamenco and the Tango, of Indian, Brazilian and Caribbean music.

Behind each door another world
The camera roams through the corridors of the Rotterdam Conservatory. Each door conceals another world, each with its own background and its own sound. All the people in the film have one thing in common: they Sire through music. Their individual passions have quite different roots. Dirk was once in lore with a Brazilian woman. His longing for her was transformed into music. Sitelavatie searches for links with her ancestral culture via classical Indian music. But it's not just about individual devotion. Excellence can only be achieved by listening very closely to one another. 'Saudade' shows that music making is a true celebration. 

65 minuten, stereo. 35 mm